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NewsroomPost is, a venture conceptualised and founded by Media veterans,the team is a healthy mix of experienced journalists, thinkers & writers supported by a young team that’s tuned into the social environment.Promoters and key personnel bring over 5 decades of combined experience oftop notch media houses in TV & Print Media.

In 2013 the organization moved into the e-space and launched NewsroomPost, a digital media platform meant for News, Opinion & Analysis. This platform has proven its credibility by bringing fastest news updates with in-depth analysis, interviews and opinion pieces and become a brand in digital media. Being one of the fastest growing news portals since its launch,Newsroom Post captured a space that was earlier occupied exclusively by websites of traditional media houses.

Continuing with success of Newsroom Post, we launched its Hindi version in January 2015 with an aim to cater Hindi readers with best of news updates,analysis, interviews and opinion pieces and got an overwhelming response from our readers.

Newsroom Post has unique content facility and can gather news and contents across the country. Newsroom Post has one of the best editorial, Production and creative team which can generate content for e-portals and television. We have unique content facility and can gather news and contents across the country.

मनोरंजन4 days ago

Boycott Laal Singh Chaddha: क्या Mukesh Khanna ने Aamir Khan की फिल्म के बॉयकॉट का किया समर्थन, बोले-अभिव्यक्ति की आजादी सिर्फ मुस्लिमों के पास है, हिन्दुओं के पास नहीं

दुनिया1 week ago

Saudi Temple: सऊदी अरब में मिला 8000 साल पुराना मंदिर और यज्ञ की वेदी, जानिए किस देवता की होती थी पूजा

बिजनेस4 weeks ago

Anand Mahindra Tweet: यूजर ने आनंद महिंद्रा से पूछा सवाल, आप Tata कार के बारे में क्या सोचते हैं, जवाब देखकर हो जाएंगे चकित

milind soman
मनोरंजन6 days ago

Milind Soman On Aamir Khan: ‘क्या हमें उकसा रहे हो…’; आमिर के समर्थन में उतरे मिलिंद सोमन, तो भड़के लोग, अब ट्विटर पर मिल रहे ऐसे रिएक्शन

lulu mall namaz row arrest
देश3 weeks ago

UP: लखनऊ के लुलु मॉल में नमाज का वीडियो बनाने का मदरसा कनेक्शन आया सामने, पुलिस की पूछताछ में कई और खुलासे